A young company from Frankfurt.
Specialising in tailor-made clothing.
For clothes that fit like a glove.
For clothes whose colours and materials you can choose yourself.

We know the choice is overwhelming these days. But now it's time to finally let only your favourite pieces move into your wardrobe. Favourite pieces that ...

  • ... finally fit like a glove. Tailored to your body.
  • ... finally have the right colour - no more endless searching.
  • ... consist of high-quality material.
  • ... you design yourself. Let your creativity run free!

Being yourself was never so easy!

At surcomme, we believe in individuality and authenticity. Surcomme is your partner when it comes to realising your ideas, expressing yourself individually through fashion and underlining your uniqueness. Create your own design today or shop customised clothing from other designers from all around the globe!