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Surcomme couture is an online shop specialising in custom-made made-to-order clothing for women. Surcomme Couture is made by women for women - to emphasise your individuality, to protect the environment and to make high quality the standard. We produce in Germany and only buy high quality fabrics - at surcomme couture you will find silk, wool, bouclé, tweed and other high quality fabrics. When you order, the clothes are made according to your measurements.
But you can shop for your favourite clothes not only in the online shop. You can also order the clothes you want (commissioned work). Upload a rough sketch, choose the fabric category and measure yourself. We will then use our network of fabric manufacturers and come back to you with an offer. It is important that you hold the copyright for the design. Turning your ideas into reality has never been easier!

Every woman has a beautiful, unique body. Why then should one wear standard sizes? At surcomme couture we believe in the wonderful individuality and authenticity of all women. That's why we offer custom-made clothing that fits your body like a glove. Some reasons why we believe every woman should own custom-made clothing:

  • - you feel confident and do something good for yourself
  • - your clothes will never again be too tight, too loose, but always just right - just like your body.
  • - you express your personality through your own ideas and imagination - that's what we are here for.
  • - you do something good for the environment. Surcomme couture is a slow fashion shop. We only produce what you really want.

When you order in the online shop and give us your measurements, we order the fabrics and commission the garment from our tailor in Germany. As soon as the garment is ready, we send it to you. It's easy and convenient.
When you send us a commission, we first check our network of fabrics that are suitable for your desired garment. Then we evaluate the price and send you an offer. Only after the offer has been accepted will the garment be individually made for you.

At the moment you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal. If you choose Bank Transfer, you will receive the payment details shortly after your order. The payment must be received before we can produce the goods and send them to you.

We ship worldwide insured with our partners.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to return individually produced clothing because we cannot resell it afterwards. But we are working on a solution here too - you can find out more by signing up for our newsletter!

That is absolutely no problem! Just send an email to info@surcomme.com with the subject "Sketch for commissioned work" and describe roughly what you have in mind. Then surcomme couture will create a sketch for you. This service costs 19€.